Following the completion of my Graduate Film, Nowt Queer As Folk, I began animating a sixties inspired music video for a classic late sixties song, 'Nights In White Satin' (for personal reasons, not commercial uses). T
It began as loose drawings of two characters that came about whilst listening to the song - and once combined with my fascination for contrasting colour palettes, light falling on faces & a fantastic mullet, I began to develop it into a short narrative. A narrative of a girl, trapped in a rainy, purple and blue city scape, dreaming of a hazy, pink and yellow sixties road trip.
See the recently completed film below!
GIFS and STILLS from upcoming short, HAZY
I've also been participating in a weekly drawing exercise on instagram, Still Life Still Here, and producing fun, looping GIFS inspired by the set ups.
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