Claudia Melton is a multi-disciplined young creative specialising in 2D Animation,  graduated with First Class Honours in Illustration & Animation from Anglia Ruskin University.
Founder/Owner of Chunkyresin.
Northern lass with a penchant for primary colours.

I am a creative, highly motivated and reliable individual with a deep interest in animation, particularly 2D digital and hand-drawn animation.
 I am keenly interested in the world of advertising & social media, and the role animation plays within it. 
Following a foundation diploma at Leeds Arts University, I then went on to a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration & Animation at Cambridge School of Art, where I have recently graduated. 
Alongside of my studies, I am also the sole creator and manager of chunkyresin, an independent jewellery label that allows me to explore shape and colour, and helps to inform my own studies and creative knowledge outside of regularly taught animation & illustration techniques . 

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